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How to Efficiently Store Catering and Restaurant Supplies

How to Efficiently Store Catering and Restaurant Supplies

Restaurant owners need to have a spot to store all of their outdoor furniture, restaurant supplies, dishes, glassware, and holiday decorations.

It is quite well known that self-storage is an easy, safe, and convenient way for companies to store their extra documents, equipment, and inventory. Companies can use self-storage in various different styles, from smaller closet-sized units to storage spaces that are set-up and organized for document storage, or even as a shipping spot for smaller companies. All types of businesses, contractors, and big corporations are suitable matches for business storage solutions. Other industries that can benefit from self-storage are caterers and restaurant owners. A lot of people in the food industry run out of storage room very quickly. They need to have a spot to store all of their outdoor furniture, restaurant supplies, dishes, glassware, and holiday decorations. Read on for a couple of tips for storing catering and restaurant supplies.

Storage Tips for Catering Supplies

For any company, but mostly for those who need equipment and supply space, keeping a running inventory list in your storage spot is important. Also, keep a list at your restaurant of items that you have got in your storage. This will help you keep close track of what it is you have and what you may need for any later catering dates.

Which Items Should I Keep in a Self-Storage Unit?

There are a couple of different items and supplies that you should be kept in storage when not being used. Some of these items include:

  • Extra dinnerware and equipment: restaurants are able to use a self-storage unit to supply additional supplies or tables. This includes cutlery, flatware, or dishes.
  • Extra supplies for cooking: restaurants can store all excess pans, pots, smallwaredishes, and other restaurant appliances and supplies. An easy storage tip is to ensure that the glassware and dishes are wrapped up and packed correctly to prevent them from breaking while transferred.

Catering Supplies to Store

Caterers should consider a number of different items to hide away when not in use. Some of these include food displays. Depending on the kind of food being served at an event, you may need different food displays for various events. To prevent cluttering, keep some in storage. The same goes for seasonal items or displays.

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