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A Helpful Guide for Preparing Your Food on Plates

A Helpful Guide for Preparing Your Food on Plates

You can’t start creating your dish on your plate until all of your flavors have become finalized.

Before you start preparing your dishes in your restaurant, you should consider the type of cuisine you are serving. Are you making a delicious steak dinner, or are you preparing a delicate appetizer or side dish? You can’t start creating your dish on your plate until all of your flavors have become finalized, so it is a good idea to have ingredients prepared before you start the actual plating process. Consider portion sizes, your customer’s requests, and your ingredients used too. Read on for a handy guide for preparing your food on plates!

Picking the Right Plate

Picking the perfect plate for your meal is key for attractive food presentation. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Pick the Perfect Plate: One way to conceptualize your plate is to think of yourself as a true artist, the plate as your canvas, and the food is your medium.

Pick the Proper Sized Plate: Pick your plate wisely by ensuring it is large enough to allow your food to stand out but smaller enough so your portions do not look too small.

Pick a Complementary Plate Color: The color of your plate is also huge. White plates are good choices because they create contrast and provide a nice neutral background for your food.

Organizing Your Ingredients

Here are a couple of the most important aspects to consider when you build your dish. Try to:

Plate with Time in Mind: As you start plating your ingredients, picture the face of a clock. Make sure that you’re preparing your dish with time in mind.

Use Moist Ingredients in Your Base: Another rule of thumb is to plate moist and runny ingredients first, as they tend to move around during delivery if any other foods do not hold them down.

Do Not Overcrowd Your Plate: Make sure to never overcrowd your canvas, and keep it very simple by focusing on one ingredient, typically the protein. Finding a focal point will ensure that the ingredients will play a nice supporting role on your plate. Customers will love this.

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