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5 Benefits of Ice Melt For Your Home or Business

Learn about five benefits ice melt can have for your home or business.

Learn about five benefits ice melt can have for your home or business.

With more harsh winter weather underway, it’s time to stock up on necessary products like extra coffee cups for those additional hot beverages, but more importantly- ice melt. Ice melt is an absolute essential for any business or personal home this winter. It provides all the effectiveness of salt without the added issues. Keep your home or business safe and ice-free this winter with ice melt from H.C. Walterhoefer!

Removes Ice

First and foremost, ice melt does just what its name implies. It quickly and effectively melts ice and snow to make your ground safer. It also prevents ice from forming on surfaces like stone, asphalt, and concrete. Using it in advance will keep ice away throughout the night.

Safe For Plants

One of the many advantages of ice melt over traditional salt is that it doesn’t have the same effect on your lawn or any nearby plants. This is particularly important for any areas with landscaping, as road salt can kill plants of any size.

Safe For Pets

Like with plants, salt can be dangerous to children and pets. If they are to ingest the salt, they may face serious health issues. Additionally, the salt can be harmful to the pads of your pet’s feet. With ice melt, this is no longer a risk, and you can let kids and pets play in the snow without fear.

Keeps Businesses Safe  

If someone is to slip and fall on your property because of ice, you may find yourself stuck with both the bills and a lawsuit. By clearing away the risk and using ice melt, you keep anyone who visits your property safe, as well as keeping yourself safe from the expense of potential legal troubles.


Last but not least, ice melt is incredibly affordable and comes with peace of mind that is entirely priceless. Keep yourself and everyone around you safe this winter by switching to ice melt!  

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