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The Pros of Disinfectant Wipes in Healthcare Settings

The Pros of Disinfectant Wipes in Healthcare Settings

Disinfectant wipes are great for decreasing cross-contamination until a full-on disinfectant cleaning can be done to the building.

Working within a healthcare facility has its number of challenges, especially now due to the horrible Coronavirus pandemic. All healthcare workers know the importance of keeping their workspace clean and disinfected. Since all surfaces carry the risk of harboring the dangerous Coronavirus, it is crucial to supply your staff members with the necessary cleaning supplies, including disinfectant wipes. With their ability to help prevent infection and keep diseases from spreading across patients or in between different rooms, disinfectant wipes are great for decreasing cross-contamination until a full-on disinfectant cleaning can be done to the building. Read on to learn how healthcare workers can take advantage of disinfectant wipes!

Disinfectant Wipe Benefits

While disinfectant wipes should not be a total replacement of professional cleaning, they are great for quickly picking up smaller messes or spills around your facility, disinfecting nurse workstations, and medical equipment after use. Disposable wipes are good to use for high-touch surfaces in restaurants, dental offices, waiting rooms, and other high traffic places of business as well. If you need disinfectant wipes, H.C. Walterhoefer has you covered! With the appropriate contact time, wipes are handy for:

Single Surface Cleaning

Since they’re only meant to be used once, disinfectant wipes can greatly reduce the risk of cross-contamination or over-use of filthy rags. They also provide cleaning with quick kill times, ensuring spots are disinfected quickly.

Use Around Patients with Respiratory Problems

As we all know, the Coronavirus causes some serious respiratory issues among some patients. Disinfectant wipes do not produce aerosol like their spray cleaner counterparts. Since these wipes don’t emit dust or mist, they are beneficial for cleaning off surfaces around those with respiratory problems.

Swift Cleanups in the OR

Disinfectant wipes, when used the right way, help reduce cross-contamination in a sterile environment, such as an operating room. Operating rooms require complete disinfection after each use, but disinfectant wipes offer a quick solution for quick cleaning when required.

Cleaning Common Areas

Computer stations, dining areas, patient rooms, nurse stations, or any other high-touch areas of a healthcare facility need regular cleaning throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs. Using wipes in these high-traffic areas will keep the environment clean and help reduce the transmission of the virus.

If you need any cleaning supplies, including disinfectant wipes, come into H.C. Walterhoefer today!

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