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How to Tell if Catering is Right for Your Restaurant

How to Tell if Catering is Right for Your Restaurant

Opening a catering service tied to your restaurant could add extra profits to your business.

If you are a restaurant owner, and people already love the food you cook, have you ever considering adding a catering service? As a restaurateur, you’ve got a built-in clientele already present. But is the client base big enough for you to start catering? Opening a catering service tied to your restaurant could add extra profits to your business. But there’s a few things to consider before making the call. Keep in mind that we are still dealing with the current pandemic, so opening a catering service might be difficult now. However, this does not mean you can’t plan ahead for the future! Read on to learn if catering is right for you!


The most essential thing to consider is whether you have all the necessary resources to manage the extra work. Catering can take up a lot of time, especially when the demand is high. This means having enough hands on deck to handle it. Some things for you to consider are:

  • Who will be managing the operations?
  • Do you have enough servers to deal with it?
  • Can you afford to invest in extra supplies, food, or uniforms for staff?


If you think you can pull off catering during the current pandemic, then you should opt for delivery services. This is common for a lot of catering services, but it also comes down to logistics. Do you have large vans and trucks that could deliver big orders? If not, you should figure out a way to acquire enough trucks for the job.

Menus and Food Choices

A large selection of menu choices is key when it comes to catering any big event. When figuring out your catering menu, discuss with your staff and customers too. Professional caterers are usually expected to follow dietary restrictions, allergies, and general preferences. As a caterer, make sure you know enough to provide insight into the number of standard options for your customers.

Restaurant Supplies

In addition to the food you’re making, you might even find your customers want you to provide them with plates, silverware, linens, glasses, tablecloths, or other dishes. H.C. Walterhoefer has paper plates, tablecloths, and silverware in bulk, so you can count on us to help you!

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