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How to Safely and Effectively Clean with Bleach

How to Safely and Effectively Clean with Bleach

One of the most effective cleaning supplies to use for disinfecting and killing all germs off of any surface is bleach.

Amidst the current Coronavirus crisis, everyone is prioritizing cleaning, now more than ever. Cleaning supplies everywhere are in high demand, as many rush to clean anything and everything in their homes and workplaces. One of the most effective cleaning supplies to use for disinfecting and killing all germs off of any surface is bleach. There is a small a misconception that cleaning with bleach is toxic or scary. However, this is not the case. Bleach is one of the best and least expensive cleaning supplies you can use during these uncertain times. Read on to learn some of the safest cleaning methods involving bleach. If you are in need of bleach or any other cleaning supplies, come into H.C. Walterhoefer today!

Is Bleach Actually Safe?

Household chlorine bleach is a simple mixture of water and sodium hypochlorite, which is a salt. It does not hurt the environment or contaminates any groundwater. It begins and ends as saltwater in a sustainable cycle. It also won’t damage any equipment or hard, nonporous surfaces, like stainless steel, plastics, glass, porcelain, glass ceramics, and other materials. It can be used to safely disinfect and clean restaurant countertops, toilets, floors, trash cans, phones, keyboards, desks, and light switches.

Cleaning with Bleach

The most important thing you should remember when cleaning with bleach is a little goes a long way. Make sure it is diluted in plenty of water before you clean.

Cleaning Your Bathrooms

For showers and sinks, as well as toilets and tubs, bleach cleans and sanitizes your bathrooms from top to bottom. Mix about a half a ci of bleach with one gallon of water, then wipe the surfaces, wait about five minutes, then rinse off with warm water. To disinfect your toilet, pour a half a cup of bleach into the bowl and scrub off with a toilet brush. Wait around five minutes and then flush.

Cleaning Your Kitchens

Kitchen surfaces, especially in restaurants, can be cleaned with bleach. Dilute about a half a cup of bleach per gallon of water, apply the solution, wait around five minutes, rinse then air dry. Use the solution inside your fridge, sinks, and outside of all appliances. This will ensure all of your food for your carryout orders will be prone to any diseases or bacteria in your kitchen.

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