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How to Plan for Your Wedding Day Essentials

How to Plan for Your Wedding Day Essentials

If you’re still in the starting and planning stages for your big wedding day, here are a few tips to help you cut back on expenses.

Finally, after all of your presumed preliminary events of wedding season, from the engagement parties to the bachelor or bachelorette shindigs, the main event is now here. Planning your wedding is a very stressful experience, especially since it tends to be a pricey one. The average wedding will cost you over $30,000, and this initial expense will start many marriages that they never truly recover from on the wrong foot. If you are still in the starting and planning stages for your big wedding day, here are a few nice tips to help you cut back on expenses a bit. Read on to learn so much more!

The Wedding Plan

One cost you might not need at all is the wedding planner. It is a huge undertaking, but there isn’t a reason you can’t plan out all of the details of your wedding by yourself. If it is something you feel pretty confident taking on, and your soon-to-be spouse agrees, go for it. We at H.C. Walterhoefer can help you with each step of the wedding by providing you with event and party supplies too.

The Wedding Guest List

The wedding guest list is the first place where weddings start to spiral out of control. You do not have to invite each and every single person you’ve ever met or everyone in your family. If you hardly know your second cousin or your one friend from middle school, they probably don’t need to come, and they might not want to come anyway. Remember that each person on that list needs a save-the-date, an invitation, a stamp on their own envelope, and a spot to sit and food to chow down on at the reception. Are the dollar signs starting to add up? A more intimate wedding will be more affordable and still a memorable and lovely experience.

Reception Hall

Finding a lovely reception hall that is flexible will also be crucial to saving a few dollars. This flexibility might look like allowing you to book a weeknight or not limiting you to one set list of caterers. Sometimes they’ll even negotiate on the price if you ask them. Finally, consider a spot that does not have a reputation as a wedding party area, you’re less likely to have to pay more.

Over 5,000 Products For Your Home or Business

At H.C. Walterhoefer, we have over 5,000 products ranging from paper goods to cleaning supplies to meet your personal or business needs. If you want something that we do not offer in our store, just ask us for it, and we will do our best to get it for you. Our store has everything you need! Stop by today to get supplies for your next event, all your restaurant needs, and the best cleaning products at the best prices. We even deliver! So call us today at 410-368-5070. We are located at 2331 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21230 and we are open from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to stay up to date with everything H.C. Walterhoefer.

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