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How To Clean Your Home Quickly

Learn how to clean your home in a quick and efficient manner.

Do you have last minute guests coming over? Cleaning your home from top to bottom can be done in no time if you follow a few easy steps. Whether your in-laws are on their way for a surprise visit or you merely need to get a jump on the chores, these tips, and quality cleaning supplies will have you done in no time.

Always Start From The Top

As you begin cleaning always start from the top and work your way down. If you’ll be dusting a ceiling fan or wiping down shelves or counters, wipe them directly onto the floor and clean the floors last. Not only is it likely that debris from your actions will hit the floor regardless, but it helps save you time while you clean.


As you begin your cleaning process, it’s likely that your kitchen is one of the rooms that will need the most work. Additionally, it’s one of the rooms most likely to be visited. Start by loading the dishwasher and placing any remaining dishes and removable stove parts in the sink covered in warm soapy water. Once your counters are cleared using a warm, soapy sponge to clean the cabinets and counters from top to bottom. Wipe down your stove and any appliances that might need cleaning. Finish by cleaning and replacing any stove parts, finishing the dishes, and then wiping down the sink once it has drained.


When you’re tackling the bathrooms, it’s best to hit them all at once, that way you have all of your materials on hand and can get them cleaned first. Often, the bathroom is the one room whose cleanliness is notice; if you might run out of time, it’s best to ensure that they are done first. Start by clearing the counters and tub and spraying with a cleaning solution. While this sits clean and wipe down the toilets, returning to the first bathroom in the rotation to wipe or rinse down everything once the toilets are clean. At this point, you can also clean the mirrors. Save the floors for last, bathroom floors and kitchen or other floors to be mopped can all be taken care of at the same time.


As you clean bedrooms start by striping the linens and remaking the beds. Rather than tucking your fitted sheets, lift the corners of the mattress to get a neater fit. Next, remove any clutter; if you’re in an extreme rush, it may be best to gather any items that can’t be put away quickly into a basket to be placed in a closet until later. Finally, wipe down any furniture with a microfiber cloth and dusting spray to finish.

Living Rooms and Floors

Start by putting away any visible clutter and wiping down any dust. If you have blinds, this should be done first working from one section of the room to another. Next, give the furniture a quick once over with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum; this is particularly important if you have pets. To finish your speedy whole-house-clean, vacuum each room making sure to get the corners with an attachment. Even with hardwood floors, a vacuum may be best as it won’t kick up the dust or pet hair only to let it settle moments later.


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