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How a Customized Coffee Sleeve Can Help Your Coffee Shop

How a Customized Coffee Sleeve Can Help Your Coffee Shop

One way you can go about marketing your business is through customized coffee sleeves.

When it comes to running a successful business, marketing and advertising play a big role. It is not just about excellent service driving repeat business, although that is essential. You have to figure out some of the best ways for your business and brand to catch new customers’ attention to help drive business your way. If you are a coffee shop owner, there are some very creative ways for you to go about this. One approach you might not have even thought of is your coffee sleeves. Read on to learn how a customized coffee sleeve could help your business marketing!

What Exactly is a Customized Coffee Sleeve?

The coffee sleeve is that cardboard wrapper that goes all around the coffee cup, so you do not burn your hands. It is an eco-friendly alternative to the old-fashioned practice of doubling up cups for insulation against heat. Usually, these sleeves are branded with the name of a coffee shop, restaurant, or hotels where the coffee was brewed. And if your business is within food service, you should have customized coffee sleeves of your own. However, this can also be a very huge boost to your company’s marketing, even if you are not in the food industry. Other businesses can use customized coffee sleeves just like they would use any other print marketing – like on pizza boxes and paper menus.

How Does It All Work?

You need an eye-catching customized image to print onto your coffee sleeves, and you would network with coffee shops to convince them to use your sleeves. This is if you are not already in the food industry. Make sure to target your customer base through these customized coffee sleeves. Either put your menu items, discounts, deals, or any other graphics that will draw your customers into your coffee shop or restaurant. Since it is now Fall, maybe a promotion for a pumpkin spiced latte or coffee (if you’re serving them.) H.C. Walterhoefer has a wide selection of eco-friendly paper products, many of which can be customized. Come in today to buy in bulk!

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