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Everything Needed to Run a Food Truck

Everything Needed to Run a Food Truck

While food truck establishments were already on an upward trend pre-pandemic, they’re even more popular now.

The food industry is constantly moving and shaking. Lately, that’s true due to the pandemic, which has left so many restaurants with shuttered doors. What we are seeing is a resurgence in certain business models that make sense for our modern era, and in that, we’re including the humble food truck.

While food truck establishments were already on an upward trend pre-pandemic (their number nearly doubled in the past decade), they’re growing at an even faster rate now. People appreciate being able to get restaurant-quality food quickly and easily and then eat it in the comfort of their own homes. A food truck is a great business to get involved in, but to do so, you’re going to need a few things to keep everything running smoothly.

Food Preparation

The first thing you’ll need to get started is all of your food preparation tools. Having a sink in place will help, but enough counter space, cutting boards, knives, pots, pans, mixing bowls, and more all have their place in the modern food truck. You want to be built for efficiency and getting food prepared quickly and consistently. 

Cooking Gear

Whether you need a flattop or a microwave is going to depend on what kind of food you’re preparing. If you have a lot of fried items, two fryers might be justifiable. Something like a flattop can give you plenty of space to work with but again, it only makes sense if it works for your menu. Develop your menu first, then decide what equipment you’ll need to make it happen.


You need something to serve your food in. Disposable or recyclable take-out containers are usually the go-to, but make sure you check local regulations as there are sometimes rules about what a food truck can and can’t use. You also want to have all the napkins, plasticware, straws, and cups necessary to give your customers everything they need all at a one-stop-shop.

Storage Options

It might not feel like you get much downtime as a food truck operator, it’s a busy business after all! However, once the crowds are gone and you need to close up, you have to store all of your food and other equipment. An under-counter refrigerator might be a big help and there are plenty of shelving options for food trucks out there. 

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