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Essential Bakery Equipment to Consider Purchasing

Essential Bakery Equipment to Consider Purchasing

Using the proper bakery equipment, you could easily start up your business.

Running a bakery is as fun as it is a laborious kind of business. You can serve warm bread, various tasty pastries, pies, and muffins in your bakery shop and become a customers’ favorite with special recipes. Using the proper bakery shop equipment, you could easily start up your business or take a step forward by renewing them, too. If you have the idea to start a bakery shop, there are some necessary bakery supplies. Read on for a handful of bakery equipment that you should consider purchasing while starting your business!

Commercial Mixers

Commercial mixers are some of the most used bakery shop equipment that prepares large amounts of batter, icing, dough, and sauces. They’re made up of a mixing bowl, mixing arm, and rotating engine, or the bowl rotates depending on the model. There are two kinds of commercial mixers: commercial dough mixers and planetary mixers as well.

  • Commercial dough mixers have rotating bowls and stationary hooks to provide enough consistent dough. The dough will hook in the arm knead and help aerate the dough. Commercial dough mixers can be bought in different sizes and capacities.

Food Preparation Tables

Another must-have piece of bakery equipment is a commercial food prep table that is used for food preparation activities in any commercial kitchens. In bakeries, you can prepare the dough and decorate the cakes or muffins using the ones with sections to put the garnishes. It usually has a stainless steel flat top surface with lower drawers or shelves for storing ingredients and other kitchen supplies. The surface is usually refrigerated to keep ingredients both fresh and cool, and the table is built to be simple to clean and durable enough to withstand any heavy use.

Holding and Proofing Cabinets

For perfectly puffed pastries and bread loaves, the proofing process is important. Thus, a commercial proofing cabinet is in our list of must-have bakery equipment and is used in kitchens to allow dough to rise. It is basically a large, humidity- and temperature-controlled cabinet that provides a moist and warm environment for the dough to rise. This cabinet will ensure the dough rises evenly and consistently and also maintains the temperature and moisture levels needed for optimal proofing.

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