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Creative Ways to Use Your Pizza Box for Marketing

Creative Ways to Use Your Pizza Box for Marketing

Many pizzeria owners and managers often overlook a pizza box’s potential.

The pizza box is a staple for transporting pizza. Whether its carry-out, delivery, or leftovers, a pizza box gets the job done. It’s so iconic that many pizzeria owners and managers often overlook their potential and power as a marketing tool. Think of this as pizza box innovation, what can you add to or re-work in your design to push customers to engage with your brand instead of just glancing at your company’s logo and location information? Here are some simple and fun ideas to implement on your company’s pizza box as a marketing tool.

The Money Saver

Who doesn’t enjoy saving a few bucks? A flyer with any discount coupons is very hot with customers. You can even use the offers to drive any potential traffic to your company website or social media platforms – place a savings code sticker on your box tops that provide users with a “savings code” for a future order. You could also attach these coupons to any carry-out containers.

The Eyecatcher

One of the simplest ways to grab your customer’s attention? Brighten up that box. Bumping up your brand colors or using bold graphics with noticeable messages of wisdom or wit will grab your customer’s attention.

The Gamebox

There is something utterly irresistible about old school pen and paper games like Tic-Tac-Toe, hangman, or a simple crossword puzzle. Pre-print out some pizza boxes with a few of these games or attach them to your box, and provide complimentary pencils or pens with your company logo branded onto them. Customers love anything free, even little things like pencils or pens.

The Paperboy

Extra extra! Read all about it! Create a flyer with updates on events going on at your pizzeria on the pizza box. A printed piece that’s attached to the pizza box is cost-effective and makes it easy to switch out as your company news changes. Consider adding any pizzeria news on your napkins, too, as H.C. Walterhoefer provides customized paper products to help your brand!

Your pizza box design can be a real sales boost when done correctly, but don’t forget to keep on satisfying your customers with the pizza that they order!

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