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Bar Supplies Each Restaurant and Eatery Needs on Hand

Bar Supplies Each Restaurant and Eatery Needs on Hand

There are a couple of barware supplies that your eatery or bar needs so all customers can enjoy their drinks to the fullest.

Whenever you run a bar, whether, inside your restaurant or a bar itself, you need it to look the part. All of your customers will come to expect their drinks to be served in the correct glassware and barware, and you don’t want to skimp out on the glasses. Different kinds of beverages are served in different kinds of glasses for the main reason, and not only will it help make all of your drinks look a lot better, but the correct glass can really improve the taste and drinking experience of each drink. Depending on what it is you’re serving, the glass could have a considerable effect. There are a couple of barware supplies that your eatery or bar needs so all customers can enjoy their drinks to the fullest. Read on to learn more!

Wine Glass Essentials 

Depending on what you’re serving, you might be able to get away with one strick type of wine glass, or you may want to invest in multiple types. A few establishments are okay with using one general all-in-one glass. If you’ve got a very wine-heavy menu, you’ll want to get some separate glasses for reds, whites, and sparkling wines. Sparkling wines have to always be served with narrow flutes to help preserve the bubbles inside them. Meanwhile, any red wines are served in glasses with much wider bowls to help them aerate and let them drink and appreciate the smells of the wines.

Highball Barware and Glasses 

Much like champagne flutes, the higher sides of your highball glass will let your carbonated beverages to retain all of their bubbles. Highballs are great for any mixed drinks, like mojitos, Bloody Marys, or other drinks that require plenty of space for other ingredients.

Old Fashioned Bar Glasses

The shorter sides and thicker bottom sections of any tiny stout glasses make these great for serving drinks like whiskey and scotch, whom many prefer to drink straight. The wider bottoms keep the drinks a lot further away from the table, which reduces the possibility of water rings and heat absorption from happening.

Pint Barware and Glasses 

For more all-purpose kinds of glass, pint glasses could be used for all types of drinks. They’re the perfect option for serving beers since they allow for a nice head to form while pouring draft drinks. They are also an incredible choice for serving water and soft drinks. They’re also able to be used as a kind of cocktail shaker as well.

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