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3 Reasons Why Restaurant Sanitation is So Important

3 Reasons Why Restaurant Sanitation is So Important

Food sanitation is a must in the restaurant business.

With the recent pandemic our country is facing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there has never been a more important time to prioritize sanitation and cleanliness. Food sanitation is a must in the restaurant business, but sometimes owners try to reduce their costs by cutting corners. One area where cutting corners is not advised at all is kitchen sanitation. Staff members might want to head out early on a Friday night. And you might want to close up shop to save a bit on utility bills and wages. It’s understandable, but not in the restaurant business and especially not in a time like this. Here are three reasons why restaurant sanitation is so important.

Lower Rating Scores

Restaurants have grade scores. You can usually see them posted outside at fast-food spots near the drive-thru. And these scores usually mean a lot to your customers. A low score means the quality might not be as good, and a good score means the quality is outstanding. It’s a negative mark if your restaurant sanitation is not up for par, and it could be a sign for health inspectors to shut down your operation if it’s too bad. That is why you should prioritize cleaning your restaurant with the necessary supplies when you get the chance. These include hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and bleach, all available at H.C. Walterhoefer.

Violations Can Lead to Hefty Fines

When a health inspector comes in, they will be looking for all food safety violations. They will search your kitchen, dining area, your menus, silverware, everything. The inspector will also assess a fine for any severe violations. How much are these fines? It all depends. Restaurant sanitation and food sanitation are crucial, and inspectors don’t want anyone to get sick – especially with the Coronavirus floating around. Some fines can be about $100, but most can be around $800, depending on your location. Severe violations can cost thousands, so make it a priority to get into a daily cleaning routine.

You Want the Best for Your Customers

Most restaurant owners really want the best for their customers, and cutting back on restaurant sanitation is not the best for your customer base. They’re what drives your business, and potentially putting them in the hospital is not something you want on your conscience. Keep their best interests in mind and practice proper restaurant sanitation and hygiene.

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